Curveballs keep on coming.

Sometimes life is just a mess, mine especially. In the last while I have had all sorts of random items come my way. Depression has been kicking me around, the puppy is very very busy, and in the last while a Covid scare that turned into a Covid case in the house. This means I have had to isolate the youngest away while the rest of us quarantine. Easier said than done, follow up testing is scheduled for tomorrow so hopefully it stays at a single, non-asymptomatic person, in our house.

All that said, I miss writing. I’m not a writer by any stretch but I feel I should be adding posts far more often that I have been. This in itself has added to my depression issues, but that is the nature of my crazy little world. At last though I have managed to put pen to paper, or finger to key, and make some thoughts appear as written (typed?) words.

Largely with this weird world of lockdowns and quarantines, things stay the same day after day. And from what my boss has let us know I will cross over a year of working from my home office before we consider returning to an office environment Don’t tell him, but I prefer the home office. Signed the youngest into the second semester of virtual school while the oldest has applied to early graduate and move out. That should be interesting I am sure as they are fairly naïve about life in general and have no interest in learning. My suspicion is they plan to live with their other parent and play video games. I hope I am wrong on this.

I will say that staying at home has been great for my self-paint nails game. I am getting better and better at these and my collection of polish and tools has grown a lot (shout out to delivery services!) especially as I now have an Ulta card… this could get serious. Also, my cooking has become a little more advanced as I have more time to put into recipes and cooking rather than rushing after a long commute and trying to find clean dishes.

I hope you are all enjoying the run up to the holidays. Thanksgiving here was a quiet and small affair with just my fiancé, and kids. But we did make a sushi style turkey dish. And it was pretty good! If you haven’t smoked a turkey yet you really need to try it. The holiday shopping is almost done, now on to the mail and delivery guys to make the season perfect. Will be back again much sooner this time.


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